Golden Sedge lights up The American Gardener

Anytime you match up chartreuse with purple in the garden (like this pairing from Chanticleer’s Tennis Court garden) you light a fuse for excitement.  The wise editors of The American Gardener thought so too when they chose this image for their March/April 2013 cover.  Published by the American Horticultural Society, TAG’s a great magazine for readers who really want maximum news, reviews and hardcore horticultural info without the fluff of recipes or fashion guides.




Private Edens

Envisioning grand landscapes is one thing.  But sculpting them out of the natural world is a god-like activity that both thrills and eludes me.  Private Edens showcases twenty one seldom-seen estates from Massachusetts to Virginia unearthed by friend and author, Jack Staub, who happens to call one of them, Hortulus, his home.  We visited most of these destinations together, often staying on site to better witness dawn. Jack pulled poetry out of the heady  horticultural vapors while I chiseled pixels in the spectral light.  Big beautiful gardens, big beautiful book.  The publisher, Gibbs Smith, did a five-star job on the printing too.


Michael Trapp in Design New England

Michael Trapp’s splendidly decayed garden gets the cover treatment from Design New England.  Michael and I both share a love for the cracked and the crumbling, the old and the imperfect.  I will post more from this dramatic garden once the magazine is out.  BTW, Design New England is a gorgeous new regional.  With the downfall of Garden Design, I’m hoping more of  these regional  gems pop up.