The Layered Garden

What a gift it is to work with friends!  When Timber Press asked me to join forces with David and Adam to create a book on David’s garden in Chester County, PA, I agreed at once. We originally planned for six visits over the course of a year but it took a second year and 32 total visits to get the full range of seasons. The publisher asked for 200 images but we couldn’t whittle the count down past 300. So they published all 300+! and used a format that fits the verticals nicely.  The  design and print quality is exceptional, and the writing is personable and informative. David’s a gifted story teller and Adam, a brilliant interviewer and wordsmith. You’ll certainly want to visit his garden this spring — he opens it up to tours. You can buy the book here.



4 thoughts on “The Layered Garden

  1. Hi Rob, it’s been years since we’ve met but I just saw your slide presentation from GWA ’12 and downloaded this book in the Kindle edition immediately afterwards. Beautiful images, great to see all of the work you are doing. Perhaps we will see you here in the ‘Burgh for GWA 14. ~ Lynn Purse

    • Hi Lynn, Nice to hear from you and glad you liked the GWA talk! I need to download it myself and see how I did. And yes, I’m very happy that GWA will finally come to Pgh. All best…

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