Good Gardeners need Gardener’s Supply

img021_1I’ve been shooting for the Gardener’s Supply catalog for a few years and this is the first cover I’ve done. It’s a great company.  Sure, they carry a  remarkable selection of cool garden tools and innovative products, but they also employ some of the nicest people around.  Everyone I deal with there is so darn generous and friendly !  Maybe it’s the Vermont water or the nearby Ben &Jerry’s discount outlet or the fact that they’re employee owned.  Whatever it is, I wish we all had more of it.

Styling and plant wrangling by the talented Nancy Ondra.  Her mom made the little purple fence– a perfect counterpoint to the  poppies.

When I built raised beds last year, I struggled with the corners.  Tried 4×4 blocks at first-but getting them assembled required two more arms and three more hands than I had.  Finally got the Gardener’s Supply pre-made corners for the second set and the beds flew together.  Highly recommended!


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