Top Seeded in the Basement

Beet sprouts at the gym

There’s a earthy smell in my basement and it isn’t from the cat.  I’m starting nearly forty kinds of seeds for a new book project and the warm, moist  fragrance arises from trays of  seedlings perched on rubber heat mats.   Feeling the pull of this forced summer, the vegetables, herbs and annual seeds are swelling and stirring into green sprouts that reach up toward the false fluorescent sun.  I haven’t done this in years and it’s lots more fun than I expected.

Cabbage seeds up close

Before planting, the seeds were subjected to a closeup lens to reveal their rich patterns, colors and geometry.  These images require long exposures and a solid camera mount to avoid camera shake  — greatly magnified at this level.  The rig is secure but perched on wooden floors which vibrate madly when the dogs as much as  scratch themselves.  So I wait for their nap time to slowly push the tiny gems into interesting pools and piles.  But then the mailman arrives and all hell breaks loose in both the macro and the micro world.


5 thoughts on “Top Seeded in the Basement

    • Thanks, Lloyd. And a HUGE thank you for letting us poke around your babies for an afternoon. Both Ray and I walked away amazed at how much you know and how much you grow!! Would love to come back soon…

  1. Nice work, Rob, your photos and blog post took me back to when I taught something like Hort 101, complete with a lab exercise in seed sowing and transplanting! Revisiting the past…nothing wrong with that.

    • Thanks, Bob. It’s still a learning experience for me. And being the main caretaker means I’m fretting over all their needs. Woke up worrying if the morning glories were getting etiolated…

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