Chanticleer — Show this, Not that

I’m pulling 42 of the boldest  images from five years of tromping at Chanticleer for the show at the Wayne Art Center that opens Feb 13.  Not an easy task and one that demands a clear, caffeinated  set of eyes.  I want this edit to not only speak to the great richness of the gardens but also to transcend standard photographic (and often static) approaches without yielding to gimmickry and technique.   Can I peel off my own inner lens and respond more directly and perhaps emotionally to an image?  Can I favor a photograph that was quick or accidental over another that took hours of planning?  Some of the best are ones where I didn’t get exactly what I wanted — I got something better.  But it was only revealed with a little time, a little distance and a little coffee.


6 thoughts on “Chanticleer — Show this, Not that

  1. Would love to see what you choose, or even a subset. Any chance some of it will be posted here?

    I’m drawn to visit Chanticleer, what time(s) of year do you recommend? It’s much too far to be a day trip, so I need to plan ahead.


    • I’ll try and post a few images before the show and try for a whole webgallery afterwards. Chanticleer is striking in all three open seasons. Spring is great for bulbs and flowering trees, late summer for the oversized tropicals and fall for obvious reasons. It rarely looks average even during last year’s horrendous dry spell.

  2. I feel your pain. I always wonder if adding others’ eyes to the edit helps, but have not done it yet, as it seems then I would be discarding one of the very unique parts of the artistic process left to a photgrapher, editing. Good luck!

    • Steph, I wish I had allowed more time to poll other people — it’s nice to have some consensus. But I also wanted images that spoke more directly to me. V. curious as to people’s reactions to the final cut.

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