The Chosen

Focus Philadelphia is my local ASMP chapter’s annual juried show and five of my  images were chosen for inclusion this year.  They’ll be on display (along with the other winners) at the University of the Arts from January 25 to February 10.  Opening night is Tuesday, January 25 and everyone is welcome.  I’ve been entering this competition every year since I became a member in 2002  and am always surprised at which images are chosen.   I’ve had little luck with gardens photos so I went more urban and offbeat this time.  I’ve also joined the very dedicated board this year  — great folks with a wonderful generosity of spirit.


12 thoughts on “The Chosen

    • I’m sure you’ll enjoy the show, Susan. The gallery space surrounds a modern atrium within a very old granite building on Broad Street. Lot’s of great restaurants, etc. nearby.

  1. Ya join a Board – they chose your photos. Nah,I am sure not or I wouldn’t dare say it. Very cool – I would have chosen them too and especially like the guy running down the hall. And what dd you wanna bet the “garden” photo at the end will be the best of show …
    Well done.

    • Funny how that works, Saxon! Actually, since I had limited success entering gardens and floral closeups over the years, I thought the judges would appreciate something offbeat. The running clerk was a bit of luck — I was sizing up that interesting morning light from when he charged by. Truly a one frame opportunity!

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