Differently Scented Bugs

Three Stink Bugs hang on my window screen looking for that little crack to push their dimpled exoskeletons through.  Once in, they’ll find hiding spots only to reappear throughout the winter in unexpected places — like under the phone receiver or in a pile of folded laundry.  Of course if they were bedbugs, roaches or ticks I would be freaking out.  But these guys are pretty innocuous as indoor wildlife  (outdoors is a different story) and they provide  hours of amusement for Anita the cat and Romeo the cocker.   Yes, they do smell when crushed but I don’t find the odor offensive — to me, it’s a musky cilantro.  They were obviously named in a era when this herb was foreign and  offensive.  (I still remember my first experience in a Vietnamese restaurant circa 1980 — I was convinced someone squirted dish soap into my noodly pho)  But now,  our sophisticated palates welcome this flavor in many ethnic dishes.  So,  perhaps we need a new name for this winter house guest and doggy breath freshener — Sue thought Differently Scented Bug would be most PC and I’m all for that — let’s have a little insect amnesty.


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