The Summer of Covers Continues!

The good folks at the Philadelphia Horticultural Society recently gave their publication Green Scene a face-lift and this poetic image was chosen for the cover.  Amazingly sharp even though it was a vertical crop of a horizontal image — gotta love the Nikon D3s!   Same thing happened last year with a cover of Garden Design too attesting to the fact that the 35mm film days are long over.  Hand held at ISO 200 using a wide-open, image stabilized  105/2.8 micro lens.

Here’s a richly layered view of friend Nancy Ondra’s outstanding garden for the October issue of Fine Gardening.  Inside, Nancy details favorite fall blooms, foliage plants and seedheads that makes her season end with a bang not a whimper.

Finally, more than just a cover, but an entire Encyclopedia of Container Plants that my pal Ray Rogers and I labored over much of last year.  Ray penned 500+ entries that are not only insightful — they’re also witty and often  personal stories revealing his total devotion to all things chlorophyllic.  Our first outing with the venerable Timber Press — we’ve just signed on to do another equally comprehensive project.


2 thoughts on “The Summer of Covers Continues!

  1. The cover of Fine Gardening that you posted made me grin! The “susans” look very healthy and alive.
    My fav flower hard to keep hydrated in S GA

    UncleAL sent me.

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