Scheimpflugery at Chanticleer

New lens = new perspective.  Especially this one.  After all, it’s a Nikon 85mm PC lens where the PC stands for “perspective control”.  It’s a marvelously engineered chunk of glass and metal that gives me a little view camera action — so valuable for managing the critical focal plane in landscape work via the Scheimpflug principal.  Plus it’s nifty for correcting vertical convergences with architectural subjects.  Sure, some of these effects can be achieved with a Lensbaby, or later in Photoshop but this guy has superior optics that can make pictures so tack sharp your eyes will bleed.

So what’s the first thing I try?  Throwing my plane of focus way opposite of “normal” for this moody take of the blue chairs at Chanticleer.  Sometimes, I like this  dreamy  “low-fi” look  for landscapes — it enhances the emotional quality for sure.  But have I betrayed the garden designer’s intent? And is this image more about technique than beauty?  New lens = new questions too.


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