Chaos at the Pond

Echinacea tenessiensis, allium, verbascum, papaver and more

An afternoon of low-yielding shooting at Chanticleer.  The flush of spring is officially over and I’m waiting for the  hydrangeas and lilies to step forward.  The Tea Cup is being replanted and the tropicals at the House Garden need a full summer to get pumped up.  So my feet keep heading back to the Pond Garden.

These beds rarely disappoint.  From spring till frost, it’s a riot of untamed plants that the gardener, Joe Henderson, swats about like unruly children.  Some of this is planned, but mostly, it’s well-managed chaos.  It’s a sprawling meadow after all and you don’t really need/want to weed a meadow.  You stop and look for its synchronistic moments of beauty.  So that’s what I did today.  Some things were flowering, some were browning.  Add a dash of late afternoon sun and a long lens and the drama increases.


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