No More Wimpy Roses

It’s Knockout Rose time again!  And here’s an ad that we shot last summer that’s been getting some play in the garden rags.  Knockouts are without a doubt, the reigning champs in a world of fussy hybrids and under performing old standards. Easy as dirt to grow, no black spot or mildewy leaves and floriferous as all get out.  As my friend, the  Perennial Diva Stephanie Cohen has said “If you can’t grow these, buy plastic flowers.”  (BTW – Steph’s new book, The Non-Stop Garden”  coauthored with Jen Benner is hitting the shelves any day now.)

I have six Knockouts in the original red flavor surrounding my vegetable garden.  One is near eight feet tall and exploding with color right now.   They are the only display in my motley assemblage of plants I call  a garden that get consistently favorable comments from the neighbors.

My favorite, a double red in the front bed, throws out hundreds of classically shaped blooms which make for super cut stems.  Sue pops a few in a vase and accents with something wild and dainty like mustard flowers.

Now if they could only breed out the thorns…


4 thoughts on “No More Wimpy Roses

  1. My Knockouts will probably never et 8 feet tall, but they are doing beautifully. I have Double Red, and it is just about the only true red rose in my collection. I love it.

    • CW, That Double Red is the most beautiful. And just recently I saw one climbing up through a nearby spruce so it might get more height with a little support.

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