Let me be the Judge!

What an honor!  I’ve been asked to judge Horticulture’s first Garden Photography Awards.  Deadline is June 1st and more details can be found here.  Looking forward to seeing some incredible work  — but know it will be extremely difficult to choose the one (and only) Grand Prize winner who walks away with $1,000.  His/her name and winning image will also appear in the January 2011 issue. Horticulture magazine has been continuously published for over 100+ years and continues to celebrate the passion and craft of talented garden-makers across the country.

And in related news, Nan and Fran have asked me to judge an upcoming photo contest over at Gardening Gone Wild.  Details to come…


2 thoughts on “Let me be the Judge!

  1. Hey, thanks for being the Gardening Gone Wild judge! I decided to pop over and have a look at your garden photos. Amazing. What an inspiration.

    (No, I’m not trying to butter you up. I never win these contests, I really have too much to learn still.)

    Anyways, we really appreciate it.

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