A Ginormous Canyon

See that little black clump on the far right edge of the rim? That's a group of fifteen tourists.

The Grand Canyon.  How can you possibly convey with words, cameras or paintbrushes the jaw-dropping immensity and intensity of this geological wonderland? Sue and I spent two chilly nights on the south rim last week and wore out  the word WOW in the first ten minutes.  Some thoughts: 1) On the overcast morning when we first viewed the canyon, the far walls looked almost artificial — like a well-executed trompe l’oeil. 2) How did the first lensless explorers possibly explain to others the overwhelming beauty they had encountered?  Of course, they were most likely distracted by hostile Indians and the plague — a disease that still lingers here in mountain lions.  3) What would they call this canyon  had it been discovered more recently?  Certainly not “Grand” which is such a quaint expression of magnitude.  Probably something like “The Super Humongous Ultra Mega Canyon”.   Or perhaps they would have just sold the naming rights to Verizon, Staples or Budweiser.


11 thoughts on “A Ginormous Canyon

  1. What an amazing picture that is Rob.
    Looking at it and thinking that is was as high as Mt. Everest a billion years ago is incredible.

  2. Hi Rob: Even on your new blog with Super Humongous Ultra Mega-sized pictures, it is impossible to grasp the scale of the very Grand Canyon. Maybe they would have called it the Awesome Canyon? I still like Grand — and your picture is magnificent. The Grand Canyon does not need props! Marty

  3. Arriving at the Grand Canyon is a bit of a surprise, the way it just suddenly appears as a gargantuan rip in the ground.

    just found your website and love all your photos!

    “The Super Humongous Ultra Mega Canyon” made me smile 🙂

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