Welcome to my New Blog – Bigger Pictures, Fewer Words


The Cutting Garden at Chanticleer

Moving my blog tonight to WP mostly to gain some control of  image size.  Looks nice, eh?  After a long hiatus from the blogosphere, I’m aiming to post images more often and with 50% less verbiage.  Some good news to share – I’m presenting a small body of work at The NY Photo Salon Group held at the Soho Photo Gallery this Coming Wednesday evening.  Mostly I’ll be showing Chanticleer stuff but will be mixing in a few personal images also.  Please come and clap softly!


14 thoughts on “Welcome to my New Blog – Bigger Pictures, Fewer Words

  1. The photo above does look nicer than a little one on blogger. A photographer friend of mine stayed with blogger but links all her photos to Flickr now, so she can post large sizes. She says their color is good, too. But it’s a couple of extra steps, plus you have to pay their pro account fee to get enough space for bigger uploads. So good luck with wordpress!

    • Thanks VW. I thought of going that way with Blogger but it seemed easier to just shift over to WP. I am impressed (and a little overwhelmed!) with the degree of control but it took me many hours to just get to this point. But I’ll have more time to learn this fall — just after that first killing frost…

  2. Rob, I met you at Winterthur some years ago. Your work continues to be spectacular, and it seems that all is well in your world. I look forward to following your artistic journeys.

  3. Rob, I really enjoyed your talk at the Narberth Garden Club tonight–nice flow, gorgeous images, great themes, not too long. Here are links to my articles on Chanticleer: http://carolynsshadegardens.com/2011/11/29/chanticleer-part-3-through-the-seasons/

    If you want to see the image that has gone crazy on Pinterest (as a photographer you should check out how this site works): http://carolynsshadegardensdotcom.files.wordpress.com/2011/06/dscn4195.jpg. I didn’t even know what Pinterest was until I saw it getting so many hits in my statistics. Carolyn

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