Garden Design


Wow! An unexpected cover of Garden Design! This was part of a feature on a Main Line sculpture garden that I photographed last summer.


4 thoughts on “Garden Design

  1. Just got a stack of magazines from my dad (I get his Garden Design & Horticulture mags when he's done). I loved your bulb/perennials pics and the calla spread. But I wonder about the bulb/perennial mix plan. I have this bad habit of digging up bulbs – and slicing some in two – every time I transplant something. That happens a lot, I must be fickle. Anyway, I guess you'd have to pick perennials that don't have to be divided much to protect your bulbs from the shovel. Perhaps columbine fits the bill? And is that dark purple one in your pictures Melba Higgins? I just planted some of that but haven't seen blooms yet. Love those dramatic purples!

  2. Hi VW! Thanks for checking in. That’s a very good point about damaging bulbs when you’re dividing. I’ve done that so many times with the seventeen types of alliums I have in my front bed. I’ll pose that question to the bulbanistas at NYBG next time I see them. I don’t know the cultivar of the purple aquiliegia but it sure is dramatic.

  3. Hi Rob,

    Set bulbs in planting hole. Partially back-fill, barely covering bulbs. Add a layer of yellow playbox sand, then finish filling the hole. Next time you dig the sight of yellow sand should remind you to be careful before digging any deeper. Besides, perennials should not be placed on top of bulbs. Adjacent is O.K. not right on top, except for shallow rooted ground covers.

    Happy gardening wishes from Judy, the gardener at BelleWood Gardens

  4. Hi Judy! Thanks for that expert tip. I’ve seen some folks mark bulb locations with small stones too but they can easily be knocked about. The sand idea makes more sense. Cheers!

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