Yo, Adrian!

I’ve recently been commissioned to photograph a selection of Fairmount Park’s abundant public artworks. The park is ten times larger than Central Park in NYC and houses incredible objects like this one of Rocky at the foot of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Like many of the park’s sculptures, it’s been moved more than a few times. It first sat center stage at the top of the Museum’s steps as a movie prop for Rocky III but highbrow types found the ten foot bronze offensive so it was relocated to the sports complex miles away. The statue was trucked back to the museum stairs for the filming of Rocky V, Mannequin and Philadelphia before it finally found a home in a grassy alcove to the side.  Weekends bring a stream of out of town visitors and many walk the mile from center city to be photographed touching the hem of his trunks. Some folks even run up the steps with their arms raised. But, alas, only a few go into the museum itself.


2 thoughts on “Yo, Adrian!

  1. Hi Al,

    Missed your comment here till today. The primary use of the images is for signage to be installed around the park. But they may show up on their website at some point. Hope you're doing well…

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