Workshops 2009

For those folks who have asked, I’ve scheduled a bunch of one-day garden photography workshops this year. They’ll all begin with my illustrated talk (Building Better Garden Photographs) followed by a few hours of one-on-one coaching at these beautiful locations. We’ll gather again in the afternoon for a lively critique of our work. Here’s where I’ll be:

April 18 Longwood Gardens – may be sold out
May 16 New York Botanical Gardens
June 6 Delaware Center for Horticulture
June 30 (tentative) The Barnes Foundation


4 thoughts on “Workshops 2009

  1. Hey VW, I would love to come to Spokane to teach! Or just to see the gardens on that side of the state. Thanks for checking in…

  2. Hi Rob – First off, congrats on the recent GWA Photography Award! Your work is much deserving. I’m a GWA member and a student at Longwood Gardens. I wish I had realized you were teaching a workshop at Longwood last weekend! As an aspiring garden writer and photographer, I’d be keen to meet you sometime when you are visiting Longwood. Feel free to contact me via my garden blog, Again, congrats on the award!

  3. Hi Jennie, Sorry to have missed your comment for so long. Very nice work on your blog! I'll look for you next time I'm at Longwood.

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