‘Twas the Day After Christmas

Ginny Smith, ace Gardening Writer for the Philadelphia Inquirer, profiled me for their December 26 edition. Here’s the online version. She spent a few hours interviewing me earlier this month and even called my dear old Dad for a quote or two.

Michael Perez, one of the paper’s top shooters, had a tough job finding a suitable background for a winter portrait but got creative with the framing. They also ran six pictures of mine.

Some of my blogging friends (Susan , Nan and Christa) picked up on the interview and gave the story an even bigger boost.


12 thoughts on “‘Twas the Day After Christmas

  1. Wow! Wow! Wow! Our friend Rob is famous! Do you think I should frame the Christmas card you sent me and save it for Sotheby’s?

  2. Thanks, Diana. This was definitely my 15 paragraphs of fame and now I can slowly sink into obscurity again. Glad you liked the card!

  3. Great story! You deserve the good press. Wishing you all that’s bright and beautiful in the new year.Patty Craft (horticulture)

  4. Gosh Rob, she even called your dad, although it sounds like you tipped him off and he was ready with a quote. Honestly, I’d say the same thing, present tense. Happy New Year to my favorite photographer. M

  5. Thanks, Marty! Yes, I did warn my dad about the call. Told him to skip over the troubled teen stories he’s so fond of recalling.

  6. Hi Rob — just back from vacation. Hey, what’s this about “troubled teen stories”? You conveniently left that out of our long interview. I think I’ll have to do “Visions of Paradise – Part 2.” What do you think? I’m going to dig out your dad’s phone number again and give him a call …Ginny

  7. Sorry to say, Ginny, but my dad has unexpectedly left the country for the next ten years. He’s off to find a bigger and better Cardillo Quarry.

  8. Hi Rob,I wandered onto your blog via a couple of other gardening blogs, then checked out your new website. I recognize many of your photos from my old magazines. Wow! They’re breathtaking. As the proud new owner of a very basic dslr, I’m scrutinizing photos and trying to figure out how the magic happens. You certainly have the magic touch! Best wishes, VW

  9. Hi VW! Thanks for checking in and glad you enjoyed my website. Your blog is very interesting and I wish you the best of luck with your new camera. Cheers!

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