Goodbye to Donny

Sadly, after a month of illness, our beautiful little tough guy had to be put down yesterday. A wrenching decision, but he was no longer eating or drinking and could barely walk. The vets office handled him (and us) beautifully in a small private area that felt more like a guest bedroom with a small rug, sofa and soft lighting. He went gently but not without lots of tears and promises from us.

Without a doubt, he had more personality than any other animal we’ve shared our home with. Probably bred as a fighting dog, with both Pit Bull and Doberman genes, his ears and tail were clipped and docked but his soul was filled only with love and playfulness. Sue negotiated his rescue 14 years ago from a series of bad homes in our old neighborhood and he quickly became a dominant figure in our lives.

Always ready to take a walk, eat anything that could be remotely described as food and chase a ball for endless hours at a time, his enthusiasm lifted our spirits over and over. And when he wasn’t charging about, he enjoyed close contact and soaked up affection like sponge. May he rest in peace.


3 thoughts on “Goodbye to Donny

  1. Donny-boy was a prince whose enthusiasm was infectious. He will be missed. Imagining he already has found several endlessly delightful garbage bins around his neighborhood in Heaven…My condolences to you.

  2. What a lovely tribute to a wonderful friend! I love the picture of Donny looking up. He has such soulful eyes. Thanks for sharing your tribute to Donny and the beautiful photos. I’m glad I got to meet him.

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