Witch Hazel in Snow

I do love witch hazel for it’s sinus-piercing perfume in the dead of winter. This cultivar, Hamamelis x intermedia ‘Jelena’ is gorgeous but, alas, not very fragrant. Wish I would have known that before I gave it a prominent spot in my front yard! I’m commitment phobic about trees in general. Choosing and planting something that lives for more than a few years always makes me hesitate. I’ve opened Dirr’s book dozens of times only to end up with a long list of finalists and no front runner.


2 thoughts on “Witch Hazel in Snow

  1. Hi Rob! I made the same mistake, with ‘Diane’, in my last garden. And I did it again with ‘Orange Encore’ in this one. Next time, it’s ‘Arnold Promise’ for me! It’s the ordinary yellow, but the fragrance is outstanding.

  2. With that torch like orange to light up your garden you might forgive it its’ scentlessness! Who is out in the garden when this is blooming anyway!

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